I have been fighting the scale to go below my next milestone.  Armed with the MyFitness App, I track my food intake like a research experiment.
The journey began in October with the decision to start following doctor’s recommendation and attempt a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle. 
When a few pounds were lost and after much reading on the subject, I decided to eat more healthy-less processed foods.  This clean-eating isn’t easy and I haven’t gone to complete health-nerd as I love me some pizza and ice cream.  There are consequences to not eating cleanly (or dairy/gluten free.)  But this post is to be about the cleanse.

Let me just say, it is day 2, 3:54 pm and I am hungry! 

Day 1: woke up feeling weird but I had committed to do this cleanse and stuck with it…  Drank my green tea… Then a chocolate Shakeology before I left for work.  I don’t think you are supposed to take vitamins but I did take my Melaleuca am with my Shakeology. 
For lunch I had a Wendy’s Apple Pecan salad without pecans or dressing (I ate the cheese which is a no-no, but it is my cleanse I will cheat if I want to) and more green tea.
Dinner was chocolate Shakeology.  Snack was strawberry which I tried making with hot water in the hopes of it being more palatable.  Not!

I drink alot of water which is very important on the cleanse.  So if you plan to do this… Know you will urinate… Alot.

Next morning I woke up with a migraine (aha yesterday’s “weird” feeling explained.)  I called into work and got up later to enjoy my Shakeology.  Green tea was also in the menu… Lunch was broccoli and fish…

And I am hungry.

Thankfully the headache has dissipated enough to function (for those of you who get migraines you are well aware of the hangover effect.)

Things I know thus far…
1. Shakeology as a meal replacement does not curb my hunger.
2. Shakeology does not taste good… There is an after taste that I taste all day.
3. Results happen.  In one day the scale has gone down 5 pounds.


So, I will see this clease through.  I have not tried using my blender with ice.  Maybe, just maybe extra cold Shakeology will taste better.  Fingers crossed.