I fully enjoy the innocence and enthusiasm of my fur-kin.  My dogs especially.  They have taken to napping on most surfaces in my house.  The couch, chair, floor, under blankets, on stools, etc.  All these snoozings throughout the day do not deter them when I utter the words, “time for bed.”  The expressions on the little faces are similar to a lottery win… Or at least realizing it is one minute of work before the weekend.

They bound down the hallway… No… gallup in a giddy sort of way.

The investigation that ensues if I dare stop for a drink of water.  “Where is Mum?  She said, ‘bed.’  She isn’t in bed.”

There is nothing like the plop of little chihuahua feet jumping down from a mountainous surface… And the sound of paws on laminate.

Wrigley is my investigator and sentry.

He always gets his man… Mum.  At least for snoozing.